I’m not really sure what I want to write about this time. But somehow, I think I should write something…

School was okay today, I guess. Same old stuff (replace that with a more colorful word, if you please.)) Just 14 days or something. I could be inventive and write some java applet to countdown for us, but I am really lazy, and tired. Ya, that’s it. Oh well…

Enterprise was good. It was a new(ish) plot line thing, and we got some info on T’Pol. We learned a lot about all of them and find Trip’s son. Great. I can’t wait for the next one. It was good, but I want the next one… (*hint, it was bad*)

Dhrama and Greg is funny. I’m making a habit of watching it now. Which is a good thing. Did you know that laughing has scientifically been proven to improve your health. It’s really funny. Yea.


Kill Bill Volume One

Well I just watched it. Let me say, it certinly deserves its title.

It is quite possibly the most gory movie I’ve watch since the Passion, but I loved it. Even the Anime (something I generally avoid) was entertaining. The plot was a bit distroted through all the foutains of ex-limbs spewing blood, but it was there. Even though I didn’t get the whole story in this volume, I’m quite happy with it.

I can not wait for the next one, tomorrow. ^_^

But I Wish Reed Would Die

Ho’kay (yes I am still on that kick 😉 ), the episode was great, but I wish Reed would do already.

HE IS THAT ANNOYING – YES, SO IS TYPING LIKE THIS. Anyways, he is, and he really should die. The whole time I was hoping he would fall into the plasma fire (interesting color too, green?) and he didn’t. It made me upset.

And then there was the spicy chicken. The girl, says “No, you have to own it – I’m so spicy!” In an attempt to mimic her, the orignal speaker of the phrase does the same thing only to recieve disaproving looks and a “that’s creapy” from his co-workers. It was good.

The space battle was ok (no, not ho’kay), but if I ever see another big-ass ship like that get its ass taken out by a small ship like this (>_<) I will officially be upset. As if that means anything to the producers. Meh. Yea, that's that one. Too bad for Elizabeth too. Poor Trip. He better cry a river and build a bridge. He better get over it if Earth is to survive!

Theme of Things

Ho’kay. Here’s the deal. I just watched that video and it’s pretty cool. I found it amusing six months ago, and I still do. Yes, I am boring, get over it.

Ironically, it fit my personality today really well. The whole pessimistic, anti-government, burn the civilized world down really appeals to me in general, but today, it just worked for everything I did and everyone I was.. I’ve felt like saying some of the key phrases from that (the video) all day.

Today was not so great. Well, it hasn’t been great for a while (IE, school sucks) but I sorta, semi-expected that from this time of year. All the teachers are bitchin’ about us getting that “senioritis.” What the hell? I’m not even a senior.

Anyways, it went well until science. Granted, my teacher is horrible and 99.9% of the time we all hate him, but it was bad today. We had about three and half minutes to take the test which was about 20 questions long. Needless to say, I didn’t do too well. Which is just plain bad. I could have stayed after to finish, but I would have been late for pit rehearsal/tryouts.

Incidentally, tryouts were the only good thing that happened to me all day. My one chance at fun, I suppose… Justin is officially (as if he wasn’t before >_<) retarded, Jeff still scares me, and everyone is still who I remember them being. It was great to get back playing with people who can actually play it. My scales have slowed down, though, and my left hand is too low. Oh well. On a great side note, I've switched back to a simpler theme for my blog. No images and very little JavaScript. Just plain CSS and (x)HTML. It (the source) now validates too - makes things faster in KHTML (Safari, Konqueror) and Gecko (Mozilla, Firefox.) I'm not sure if it will stay for long, but it suits me right now. That's my day.