Adventures with Gentoo

So I finally installed Gentoo and I finally almost have a working computer. I’m currently working on a new 2.6 kernel for my machine so everything will work just a little faster – I also need ALSA, so I have to work for that.

I’m currently in love with emerge and although there have been a few little bugs in it, it’s done most everything very well. I’ve switched to gnome (for a bit anyways) and I’m pretty happy with it.

My cdrom drive and floppy are also not mapped (oh well) I’ll have to fix thoes. Some screenies when I have something good to show – the desktop background is fugly!

Firefox Will Get a New Theme

Just announced, Mozilla Firefox will be getting a new default theme. I’m not quite sure what to think at this point as I’m quite fond of the current theme, but as always, change can be good. 🙂

Mozilla Firefox: New Theme

Edit: I am told that this is a new theme. Sorry, but yuck. Pinstripe almost looks and matches OS X, but on Windows, I have to say no.

Especially in Linux, I don’t like it. Mind you, it’s partially my GTK theme (I generally don’t use GTK at all) but it just doesn’t match or “flow” with the system.

New Firefox Theme: Thumbnail

In other news, the project says Firefox 0.9 is nearing completion and may hit RC by Tuesday!

Up and Running

As you can see from the previous post, WordPress is now running. That’s right, I’m running GNU GPL software! *gasp* Not really… I’m still working to get a template that I actually like and that works across multiple platforms and browsers. That and my domain finally went through! Thats good, in case you didn’t know.

I’ve still lots to do and still not enough time. I’ll catch you all later (that was lame.)