Well, wow. Not once, but two times did I hit the pavement today. I’ve been trying to get into biking more, and I spent a good two hours today doing just that. And it was fun. It’s work, to be sure, but it’s rewarding work. For each turn of the crank I can go a little bit further. After every hill I climb, I can turn right back around and go down. Earlier I was finding I was limited by my thirst (pro-tip: if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated), so I went out and bought a hydration system. When I find I’m hungry, I stop for a quick snack. It’s easy to pack them in the back pocket of the pack. I feel unstoppable. You’re supposed to be smacked down when you get so cocky, and I was.

So yup, twice in less than two minutes I wiped out. The first time was an act of god, I’m sure: a little too much sun, too fast, too much weight on one side, and not enough tire grip. I know how these things work; they’re the same things you’re told driving a car. I just never expected the oversteer to be quite so bad. I knew exactly what was happening while the rear of my bike slid out from the turn. It was fine, I was able to control most of the descent, and managed to slide it out. No scrapes, no issues. Fucking hella embarrassing. Popped right back up, because I was late for class. On my way again. This time, to be fair to myself, a pedestrian stepped out in front of me. Granted, I was riding too close to the edge, but it was crowded. I ended up nailing his foot, and about damn near flipped over, but ended up sliding this one out, too. I was largely fine, though lots of people assumed otherwise. Everyone was nice enough about it, and I felt awful for the other kid. Though pedestrians have the right-of-way, this should go to show you that that doesn’t matter. No one–for the most part–hits pedestrians because they don’t know who should go first, or is acting out against that. This shit happens. Look both ways.

Gosh, I feel shaky right now. I think that has more to do with the fact that I’m really hungry. I ended up with a sore wrist, and scratched-up knee, and a serious case of self-consciousness. Turns out I need a better pair of sunglasses and I could probably go a bit slower. I’m recovering in class right now, since we’re just learning Perl, and thankfully, I already can haz learned that. It could have been a lot worse, e.g., I had a huge amount of expensive technology with me, and it’s all fine. I could have really damaged my bike, but it’s fine, and shifted right out of being out of whack after encountering foot. I could have broken something. That might have been kind of cool, but I’m glad it didn’t happen right before class.

Cash Redesign

Checkout this redesign of American currency by Dowling Duncan. I’m really digging them, especially the 20th century america one, the $20. Not 100% with the font there, but the spirit I want to see is there. I’d spend these.

Stopping in the Snow

When you’re driving in the snow, it’s advisable to test your brakes when approaching a stop. By making sure you are completely stopped a ways behind your target, you can safely inch up and avoid any otherwise nasty slips on dangerous ice.