I Love This

Three, four–

Every single part of me is burning possibilities. My tired eyes are blinking in the glare. You and I should make out till we’re drunk and have to both come up for air. Rolled-up socks in an empty hall; a reeling game of cup-football, or the only goal I ever scored. The truth is I could climb a tree and joke about history remembers me.

I love this better than anything. I love this when everything falls apart. I’m thinking you could mend my broken heart, well, because I love this.

Where we are survivors roll, and  the tiny deaths do take a toll for every single second of the youth. It’s just another secret in the rusty confused version of the truth. It puts it in perspective if you’re feeling too reflective; just bones and earth remain of what you are. Have you seen the beauty in the chaos that surrounds you like the stars?

Truthfully I’ve loved like I’m a dyslexic: upside down or back or front, couldn’t fix it. Of every heart I loved is gonna love a lot of things–well, this time, don’t let me down!


I’ll come right out and say it. I want to switch to start using WebM for encoding video and audio in a single neat package for web deployment. HTML 5 has a video element, but it’s damned near impossible to use it the way it currently works. There are simply too many options, and I’d blame the freedom that design decision provides for its difficulties. So, I for one, very much look forward to the day when all browsers will be able to play one single file, a single file that I can focus my energies on creating, and my monies on hosting.

I’ve asked this question to a few people, so if you’ve read it, just read it again. Which is more free? Enforcing freedom or allowing complete freedom, including the freedom to restrict freedom–those wiser in the ways of the computer know this as GPL/BSD). I confuse myself with the way I fall down on both sides of this argument. In software, if I write something, and someone benefits from it in some way, then you bet your ass that I want to benefit in the same way. I also want to ensure that any fruits of my labors also continue to benefit society, even if in just a little way on the internets. On enforcing democracy, I absolutely believe in nonintervention unless asked. Mostly this boils down to just being polite and keeping my noise out of other’s affairs. Don’t get me wrong, though, genocide is tantamount to a billboard in my front-lawn with a neon-painted plea for help in my book. At some level I know that the BSD way of doing things is more idealistically pure, and maybe even better-intentioned. I also know that I detest the way many large companies use OSS as it benefits them.

So where am I falling on this video issue? I’m putting my weight behind WebM. That does leave me and my users on the very-most bleeding of edges: only Opera 10.6, Chrome 6 and Firefox 3.7 support WebM out of the box right now, and none of these are stable browsers. Safari will play anything that QuickTime will, though, and Internet Explorer will be in much the same boat, from what I’ve heard. With Perian getting closer to supporting WebM, I feel much more comfortable enforcing this switch. Sadly though, no mobile handset including my iPhone will play these files, let alone with hardware decoding support, which is critical on these small platforms. For them, I’ll probably still end up encoding a very small h.264 version, at least while the video is popular. I desperatly hope things change in this market. Apple, I’m looking at you. My decision to support WebM isn’t because it’s a significantly better technical solution. I know that it’s not. It’s about making sure things I make stay free, for everyone (an interesting aside: I should probably bite the bullet and start building my music library with Vorbis). It’s also about only having to render and upload one file, saving time and money. Mostly though, it’s an attempt to simply HTML5 video, and rid myself of this awful headache it’s caused.

Faster with More Nachos and Beer

You never know when you’re going to have to do an emergency video encoding. It is for this reason that I advocate that people buy machines that vastly overpower their daily needs. You never know when you might need to turn a dozen DVDs into videos to play on an iPod. In an hour. At the dead of night. My sister just left for the beginning of her tour with her Marching Corps, and she wanted a few videos to watch. Even though she asked quite late, it was nothing a few quad-core machines couldn’t handle. But it does make me want to upgrade them to something newer. But then again, when don’t I want to upgrade my computers?

iOS4 was released today. Updating my 3GS took only about 20 minutes, including the download. This is in contrast to the many hours reported by different users in the interwebs. Aside from the fact that Springboard now looks like “Desktop Linux”, I’m pretty pleased.

Tonight I’m making beer and drinking nachos. Watching a movie, too, but maybe not in that order.