Rolling Resistance

You’ll never believe this, but my tire was flat again. This is the second time in two days the same tire has been flat. The first time, I blew it up hitting a white, innocuous object at speed. I had it replaced today, and had it “professionally installed”. Went to see Iron Man 2, and came out to see it completely flat. I’m losing my shit. Imagine my outrage when I first typed “loosing”.

My brian is rapid-fire now. I miss my neighbor, because I realized he parked impeccably, and it has now become my goal to emulate him. I thought about the books I am going to read today, and the cleaning I should be doing. I thought about how dangerous it was to drive home alone, above top speed, on a spare I put on in too much of a rush. I felt like I was limping home.

There’s a missing bird in my complex right now. When I saw the signs posted up, I lost my shit. It’s a sad thing, one I don’t think I handle well. I’ve got my spare cage out, with food scattered about. And even if he doesn’t stay long enough for me to rescue him, maybe he can just find the food. I’ve got my doors open now, because I thought I heard a strange bird a few days ago. As I said, tormentingly sad.

On the brighter side, school’s done. I’m starting to have a really good time here in Tucson, which is ironic in that I’ll be leaving. I was personally introduced to an exciting master’s program. I finished Hemsöborna, and have since been analyzing it. I’ve forgotten how much fun it is to do that.

Details are so important. I’ve overcome with the possibility for human achievement.

All Told

I had something of a wild weekend. It’s the end of the term, and as usual I’ve procrastinated my way into a lot of stress and too many papers. I’ve spent a lot of time working on homework these past few days. It was different this time, though, spending time with friends, working together, not alone. It’s not always as productive, and I admit that I’m largely to blame, but it’s more pleasant.

My car was broken into this weekend, too. Aside from being tremendously unnerving, it’s off-putting. We had just finished one of the aforementioned pleasant homework times, and walked out to the car to find some very important things missing. Personally, I just lost an iPod–the car was left undamaged. I want to angry, feel like I’ve lost some kind of trust in humanity in general, as it were, but I haven’t and I didn’t. I’m not sure, but I think the former is outweighing the latter.

Today was the last day of German 480–the hardest German class I’ll have and probably ever will take. Instead of paying attention, I read a good amount of De germanske Sprog, a Danish book on the germanic language family. It’s been amazing how much I’ve been able to read and understand knowing only Swedish. A lot of fun, actually.

What’s most prevalent in my mind of all this is a sidewalk incident on my way to class. A current teach recognized and greeted me. It was a small thing, maybe even not noticeable to some and even maybe to me myself, but I can’t loose it from my head. I’ve attached feelings of future to it; same background: she’s my linguistics professor. All I want to do is go to graduate school, fit into a community again, and make an impact. And for once, I’m more excited than scared.