Good Things: V8, Sandals

First, have a listen to Mercedes AMG’s new 518-hp V8. Mind-numbingly awesome. Do want.

Also, wanted to make a brief comment on Rainbow sandals. They’re absolutely perfect, wouldn’t change a thing. I’m on my third pair today in four years. They’re really the only reason I would ever consider living somewhere warm. Do buy them.


At some point, early this year, I had made a commitment to myself to start writing more often. I also said I’d read more, drink finer drinks, and only start to mark the happier times in my life. It’s odd, last week was Spring Break, and it turned out rather badly. In fact, it did absolutely nothing to further the aforementioned goals.

I went to the Davis-Monthan Air Show yesterday, and it was unequivocally one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life.

Tonight I went out, dropped a load of cash on some drinks with a new friend, and sang sweet music. I have school tomorrow morning, earlyish.

I’m adopting more routines than ever before to combat my life’s troubles. I’m thinking a lot about studying abroad.

Nice Things

I found I had written this, and while it’s not really complete, or meaningful, or in any way applicable to the betterment of anything at all, I’d rather it exist in the world than take up bytes in by dust-collecting drafts bin.

A couple of things happened to me this weekend that I wanted to take the time to write about. I spent a few hours trying to iron them into a fashionable story to tell and trying to pull cosmological significance from them, but gave up. I don’t want to understand or analyze them. I want to remember them.

  1. The V in the in the mountain.
  2. Shopping with brother and sister in the mall
  3. Programming my favorite programs
  4. Reading and connecting to new characters
  5. Eating dinner with the family