I Hope You Get Penetration

Every year a group of–I cringe to say religious, because I do, in a certain cense consider myself religious and insofar fairly objective of what being religious means, and let me tell you, these people do not represent those who are religious–of religious people come to campus to preach. When I say preach I mean spew hate. They’re actually really hilarious, if you can get past the initial shock.

Today a friend and I went as we used to when we were freshman to sit and listen, but largely went to eat lunch and enjoy the entertainment and company of the like-minded crowd. This time though, someone had the brilliant idea that we ought to be playing bingo with these words they love so much, like “homo”, “Islam”, “condoms”, and “passage to hell”. I myself score bingo with the word “Jew”, but one less fortunate player decided to throw in the towel–as all people eventually do when watching Brother Jed– with, “I’ve got to go do something better with my life,” as she hands her score card to the kid next to her, saying, “here, I hope you get ‘penetration'”.

Community College

I simply want to celebrate the fact that right near your home, year in and year out, a community college is quietly–and with very little financial encouragement–saving lives and minds…I can’t think of a more efficient, hopeful or egalitarian machine, with the possible exception of the bicycle.

Kay Ryan said this. I’m really excited that my learning never really ever has to stop, and that some people just get that.