Why I Love My iPhone

There’s a certain convenience to owning a phone this fantastic. When I say own, I mean something a little bit different than one might normally assume. I don’t answer my calls, I make the calls. I text when I feel like it, and use other’s text’s only as interesting notifications. I surf the Internet when I feel like, and I always know where I am-on my terms. Do you understand? I own my phone; it does not own me.

Aside from the obvious technical advances the iPhone has allowed me, and other people in actual usage and in further development. Webkit’s inclusion was one of the more impressive features, and I’m quite pleased with it. The fact that it looks amazing is another, small thing. Nothing, though, quite beats looking up a store, calling it to find when it closes, and then to provide emergency directions to race there in time. Oh, and calling my Mom.


Beggars can’t be choosers… better late than never…
look before you leap…
…the best things in life are free.
And let me guess, beauty is only skin-deep?
Silence… is golden!
Jack of all trades, master of none!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Life is too short…
Good things come to those who wait.
Sam: You know, as hard as it is for us not knowing, it must be torture for you not to tell us.

Trip to the Heartland

I think God would he pissed if someone walked by a field without noticing the purple.

A 3.0 liter, twin turbo, inline-6 has become somthing I need.

A bridge from Omaha to Iowa is not interesting to me, because no one else that lives here cares either.

I should live in snow three months of the year.

More as I think of them.