The Undeniable Levity of Arguments

“When it rains, do you scurry from doorstep to doorstep, knowing all the while you will become wet, or do walk with your held held high in dignity?”

“I’d bring an umbrella.”

When you’re angry, there’s something you should understand, but rarely do. As it happens, things are more than usually alright, no matter what you’re upset about. I have a very hard time understanding this, personally, and if someone tries to explain it to me, I usually end up even more upset. It’s a strange thing, feelings are. The rain got me thinking a bit today, especially about how I usually wear the wrong shoes on the wrong days, usually resulting in wet pants and a grumpy disposition. I thought to myself, “What’s the point?”, in a very calm and wise inner-voice. It’s very sad to realize that other people are probably having a laugh over your latest temper tantrum. Next time you’re feeling angry, and want to punch remember, remember I am here for you. I might find it funny, I might even pretend to ignore you, but I’ll still be around when you want to talk about it.