I love the part about me being a bad writer, really. It helps so much to have criticism that sounds anti-Semitic before you even speak it. I’ll be as cute as I want, and even if it’s wrong, I’ll have tried harder than most anyone else I know. And you may have a few good ideas, hell you might even have a solution to improve my writing 100-fold, but still, you’re so snarky, which mind you, is not a word. You’re brilliant, I’m sure; you’re educated to the point where you despise learning; and you’ve missed your little trip to Africa to make amends with your pathetically selfish lifestyle. Does it still make you feel better to degrade people, expecting them to do what you want without ever talking to them? You’re a lot like me, and I’m a terrorist. And like I said, you’re smart and you’re right, but you’ve said things, no, really just written passive-agressive side-remarks to hurt people you don’t know the names of. When people hit that, I stop listening, and so do they. It doesn’t matter if you have the cure for cancer–()if you said it, if you had that cure to save millions, we would ignore you.