How Good It Can Be

Things have a way of cheering you up when you least expect it, you know? For example, this morning I was absolutely dreading a math test. It turned out to be extremely simple, and thanks to my foresight, when my calculator’s batteries died, I had extra! That wasn’t at all planned; I was smiling ear to ear after it.

I almost feel asleep in English, I’m sorry to say. It wasn’t that it wasn’t that boring (well, it was), but I guess I just need more sleep. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve never fallen asleep in Math though, and I don’t know where you may have heard that.

Philosophy club was astounding. I don’t believe I’ve ever been so happy to do anything after school! The discussion forum is well on its way to you to use as well. I’m pretty excited for this as online web-developement with a community focus is my speciality. Although I must admit that I’m slightly perturbed at those who talk constantly, and rudely, during the meetings. Also, those who originally came with such great ideas and hopes for the club suddenly disappearing is saddening.

The new marimba (and vibe?) came today. I hugged the boxes out of happiness. I know I won’t get to play them, and no, we aren’t getting a keyboard either, but they’re pretty happy. After this, I had some great conversation walking to my car with Kalie, Molly, and Bill. It was nice of them to walk with us and I was going to take them home, but then we realized by the time we got to my car, they’d be home. So instead, I just took Kalie home while we listened to New Slang.

My sister and I went to go fill my car with gas, well, because I needed some and she was so kind as to offer to accompany me. To my surprise, my usual station is empty! Oh dear, this gas thing has my mom literally in a rocker… I’m glad I still have an excuse to take the car to school. Aristotle’s Hat is still going on tomorrow, so you should all come. Yes, I realize Youth and Government is in the way (I myself was interested), but this is better, I promise.

I am probably going to regret this later, but I love when people finally get a little taste of loneliness and their own punishments they deal to me. I know this awful, but some part of me feels better when things go badly for others, and it has today. Call it Karma if you wish. Whatever it is, it makes me happy. I can only say I wish they’d talk to me about it.

It looks pretty cool outside, sort of like rain.


Have you ever spent so long talking with someone that you completely forget the time and realize it’s far too late to be up? What am amazing feeling that is, and I must say thank you to that person. It’s wonderful to realize you have friends. Even though this could have just been a remorseful penance for some awful things, I feel good about it. It makes me smile.

Gilmore Girls is a quirky show. My sister and I watched it tonight while I helped her practice for her chair test. I’m not a superb flautist, but I think she now has a chance of doing well. The show was actually fun to watch too. It was a different, maybe more real take on life than what I normally watch. That and there were no aliens to mess up the lives of we poor humans. I rather liked this evening.

I’ve worked out Philosophy club, more or less, so that I can attend the meetings now. It’s taken a lot of flexibility, but I think I’ve finally gotten somewhere with arranging my busy after-school schedule. I know tomorrow isn’t an ideal day, but I suppose everyone should be open to a little rearranging. There was a lot of interest in a website and an online forum for discussion in relation to this club. I’m psyched to finally be able to apply my limited talents.

My mom is flipping out, Jesus style, about a supposed “end of the world”. We now have enough food to supply a small army with nourishment for months, if not years. I laughed at her; she filled both our Pilot and our Suburban to the brims.

Someone said yes to a dance invitation from a good friend of mine. She’s really happy and couldn’t quite keep it off her sleeves. Happiness is contagious.

It’s All About Love

It’s all about love

No matter what race they are, be together, love everybody who ever loves you love them back.

You know love is like a big pot hole – you can look at it but don’t fall in it.

L.O.V.E well we’ve been married almost fifty years. You have to try real hard and work at it. And look away.

Love hurts and love is the truth. Love never lies, love is not jealous and love is beautiful.

Being faithful to the one you love and being true to the one you love.

Be nice to everybody and you know they’ll do the same thing to you, be nice to you.

Be open to love – don’t get blinded by love.

Love is my Harley Davidson – American made. Nothing like it in the world.

I’m first in everything, if I can’t love myself I can’t love you.

Love the flower, love the kids, love everything. When you open your eyes in the morning you say is this love for me. I’m a happy.

Don’t settle, no matter how old you are. If you’re a girl and you’re 30 yrs old and you’re biological clock is ticking because you feel you have to have a child. Unless you find a person, don’t settle keep looking. Even if you don’t find that person until your 40 or 45. Keep looking because once you do and you really find your soul mate it’s a love like no other.

Follow your heart that’s it.

Don’t go after the beauty that’s only skin deep.

There’s a very thin line between being open to love and just letting someone take advantage of you.

Keep a little god in your heart and it works out pretty good. You can’t be evil you’ve gotta have good in your heart.

Soon as I find me a girl I’ll show her what love is.

Go with the flow. Never lose respect.

Don’t get your heart broken.

Respect each other always.

Of course we need to love.

In relationships it’s always like a roller coaster – up & down.

Go after the internal.

You fight, go to another room, wait, relax, count to 10 and work it out.

Let it just come naturally

Be careful with it.

Be very careful but enjoy it at the same time. You know, don’t be to wary.

I think it’s all about yourself – love yourself then it kind of goes out from that direction.

I think a lot of people try to find things and people and it’s all searching for that within themselves. You’ve got to hit the base first or it’s all kind of hollow.

The best thing is to talk about it. Even if it risks the other person getting angry or whatever. Just talk about it, you don’t go to bed angry at each other. If you talk it through, it’s through, you talk it “through”. I mean all the way through at the end of it you’re back in love again. It’s the cure-all, it’s the fix.

Is there a recipe for love? Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Love is giving and forgiving. And that’s the way it should be – everyone should love each other because there should be no hate in the world, period.

If everybody loved each other there wouldn’t be no problems in the world today. It would all be peace. I believe in peace.

Yo, love yourself above all else. Because you may wrap your feelings up in someone else, love yourself more than anybody else.

Love is the meaning of life do 1 cool thing to someone else each day.

Take it. Whenever you’re going to have love you’re going to have pain, just except it. It’s the greatest thing that there is.