Leaving on a Jet Plane

The cliché is indeed true. I am leaving on a jet plane, forever, at least mentally. I hope I make it back in one piece. I’m going to be stuck with people that are incredibly talented, some beautiful, some wizards with conversation. They’ll dominate me; I feel inferior.

Despite all this, I’m not really excited or scared for the trip. Really, I’m quite numb to the whole ordeal and it was just this morning that I realized I am leaving tomorrow! I feel heroic thinking about the french horns supporting my message; my only purpose on this entire thing.

I’m playing the songs my aunt gave me. Aw, these are good.

I’m leaving on a jet plane. Please take me with you.

I’m scared that I’ll end up with a missing eye, or arm, or leg or something. What if the plane blows up? Please make my funeral good, or I’ll haunt you.

I’ll send you postcards if you want. Um, well it’s kind of late, but if I love you and have your address memorized, you’ll get one, or two, or a million.

I am going to cry during Phantom. You are herby warned. I hope I find someone to sit with during it. That’s like the one thing I’m looking forward to, do not ruin it for me.

I have my happy place on my babe, Lola. So even if everything does go wrong and people continue to be jerks, I can pretend I’m happy.

I’m missing you already.

Weird Coffee

So I went for coffee with Kalie just now, for goodbye. Aww, it was really fun to known that I do have friends!

We ended up playing pogs, which are awesome. Until Kalie threw it under a car… Then we just looked at their car all funny-like. We tried finding stuff to get it, but nothing worked. Eventually, we freaked them out enough to come out, but by then we were already leaving. So we drove around for a bit and finally were able to sneak up upon them and steal the whopper back! Yes, that was an adventure…

I’m still packing?


I just remembered that Dans le Noir is in Paris. We should totally go, who wants to?!

Edit: So Mr. R called the french horn sounds heroic and that’s definitely how I felt on that stage for that song. You guys freaking rock. Thank you!

Still Living

The first day is complete. I’ve made it through, more or less, in one piece. I feel like I’ve come through a better person; I met new people, strengthened old friendships, and caught hugs through the chaos. I may not be following the diet for the trip yet, but I feel really great.

The bells really freak me out. I’m sorry, I’m in percussion and I should be able to play them without wincing. Rawr is what I have to say to that. Percussion with a band is quite intimidating; I fear mistakes. I know I really shouldn’t, but no one’s perfect.

“Come join us, pray!”
“I’m not Jewish.”
“No one’s perfect.”

Speaking of prayer, I got a wonderful holographic portrait of Jesus today from my buddy Lisa. I laugh at the comedy imposed by this. It’s now in my car, hanging from the glove box. Who wants to ride with me now?

Okay, so I really did get over playing bells and I’m back in all my glory. I love these easy songs that I’m able to read and play fine, or well enough comparatively. It takes just a few hours to get used to the sound and feel of the instrument. I miss my marimba. Speaking of my marimba, I miss Pit. I hung out all day with some people that remind me of Pit. Well, you might say, they should– they’re in Pit. Smoke you.

I went for a parent conversation lunch thing with my parents at Randy’s. It really is one of my favorite restaurants, though I’m not quite old enough to fit in yet. I was a bit worried about the company, but it turned out to be pleasurable enough. I love my parents.

I’m a bit upset about the whole T-Shirt thing. I have lots of thoughts on the whole attire actually, but I don’t think anyone wants to get into that with me. I’m in love with my jacket. Granted, I do have a thing for jackets, but I really like this one. I like looking at it, though I haven’t put it on yet. Arizona is much too hot for jackets, that burns. I still have to think of a good name for it.