Musical Day

Today was quite the musical adventure. Indeed, it really was. Starting out with a miserably long, hot, but fun steel band gig, made me realize how much I was missing! I never realized how much fun a gig could be. I may be slightly disappointed that I missed so many, but I’m glad I know what to do now! I thank those who made me do it. Great experience, that was.

Following this adventure, my family and I visited the one of my very first musical inspirations: Organ Stop Pizza. I’ve always been inspired by that wonderful place. And, I got all of my requests played: Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars, and other random stuff. I think I will take a group of people there sometime.

That’s it for me. I feel really lame just reading that, so I hope you don’t hate me for putting it there. I’m just all out of wittiness.


I’ve updated this theme to comply with XHTML 1.1. Goodie, right? Okay, I’ll admit there is no visable difference (maybe a slight speed increase) for you, but it makes me feel all warm and bubbly. How I love it. Maybe later I’ll add some spiffy things and some color!


Last night, I toasted everyone that I love so very much with a wine glass and some orange juice. If only you people had heard me, you might have been flattered! I blame the flower that a friend gave for this kindness.