So I saw Cursed last night.

It was obviously a R rated film butchered down to a PG-13, but whatever. To be fair, the after-effects of the chopping block are not quite as annoying and detrimental as they could have been. Key sequences are less effective and visceral than they should be, and the payoffs to certain stalk-and-slash scenes are akin to sex without orgasms, but the core of Cursed appears to have been mostly unharmed.

Ellie (Cristina Ricci) and Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) are a likable, but more importantly, believable, pair as brother and sister. They share their fit of problems including arguments. During one such argument, they were struck by a wild animal while driving on a remote stretch of Mulholland Drive. While attempting to save Becky from the result of the car crash, she is mysteriously (not so much) taken away by a “wolf.” Ellie, and Jimmy are now too scratched, and infected, as it were, by the mark of the beast. Meanwhile, the body count is rising across Los Angeles, each victim savagely ripped apart by an out-of-control werewolf who may already be someone Ellie and Jimmy know.

Now, this wolf thing, thang, whatever, we don’t really see much of. Quite the point, we see little more than it’s feet for most of the movie. Oh well. The real bugger is when you do see it. It looks ridiculous. This is as scary as a werewolf has looked since probably the 1980s heyday of “The Howling” and “An American Werewolf in London.”

Cursed has my opinion that it still succeeds in occasionally getting your heart racing. In 2005 alone, Cursed is a much more accomplished and electrifying horror film than the hideous likes of Boogeyman, Alone in the Dark, and White Noise. The fact of the matter remains though, we miss out on the most terrifying bits; we miss the parts that we go to be scared for. Whatever. I love the fact that characters kept running into each other to create undue suspense, the stereotypical jock and his secret (read, he’s gay), Jimmy beating the hell out of the bigger kids, the finger from the werewolf, the not so surprising, surprise ending, etc. My take: if you want a scary movie for the intense, spin-chilling thrills, you won’t like it. However, if you go into this not expecting, or in my case, not wanting those creepy “cry-at-home-look-behind-the-shower-curtain” thrills, or simply wanting a funny, slightly jumpy film, this is the ticket.

But whatever, right? You decide.

New Hard Drive

I bought a new hard drive (80 GB Western Digital) for $20.00 today. Really, it was a steal. The best part about this thing though is that I’ve been able to resurrect an older machine and finally have a sorta-server! Yes, this does rock! I’m going to go install some random OS on it now!

(Yes, I am pretty happy about this!)


I really should learn to carry my own emotional baggage. I really should. All day, I went around ruining other’s lives and complaining. I suck. Whatever. I’m about to ruin yours, or at least partially, so you may wish to stop and pick up reading again later.

Okay, good. I really wish people would stop stroking, fondling, and/or kissing each other 24/7. I may just a a very jealous third wheel here, but I am beginning to find it irritating. And another thing! don’t pretend to be all friendly with me when I’m really just being your second alternative. I feel so replaced, and it’s not like I’ve not tried to fit in with the new. I’m breaking my back trying to know some people just to get my friends back, and it’s not worth it. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

I got pulled out of class today. When I asked what was going on I received, “It doesn’t matter.” Sorry, but I don’t care what’s going on, if you are interrupting me, you better have a good reason. It turns out, that I was wanted for a interview. Filing police reports isn’t fun for anyone, but for me, it was almost painful. I just don’t want to remember what they’re trying to get me to. For me, I’ve already moved on, and I just want to forget this whole ordeal. No, they want the entire thing written out in blood.

I’ve never really been one for talking to people, especially strangers, and most of all police, but this was ridiculous. I don’t think I uttered one word the whole time other than yes or no. I hate people, by the way. Oh and according to the police-dude, I’m not vivacious.

I may be getting an exchange student from Germany over the coming break so I suppose that’s something to be happy about. I wish my German was better though.

I’m installing Xandros right now, mostly because I am bored, and partially because I’ve heard it makes Linux easy. I may like Gentoo, but I love easy. And I’m bored, that too. Sci-fi friday is on tonight and I’m ecstatic. Another night all alone, in the lonely confines of this house. But I have my imaginary friends, yes?