The One(s)

I fully came into write this expecting to write down my opinions on the term “soul-mate.” That was my idea, and it so happens, almost everyone’s idea on the tele today. It seems as if, in the media, everyone is hooked on finding that one special person. They’re all running around; they’re scrambling to find someone. I guess it fits with our society today; everyone needs to run to keep up. The only problem is, where are they going?

Generally, I love to avoid that sort of thing. I’m just not a very romantic guy; I dislike the lovey-cudly stuff (who doesn’t?) At any rate, I never believed I’d ever fall for anyone, let alone this one. She’s perfect, but not perfect, fun, but serious at the same time. Where does that leave me?

I’ve know her for a while, that’s the odd thing. Well, a while is only like three years, and I’ve sorta had this thing for her for two, but who’s counting. Alright, of course I am, but that isn’t the point. I didn’t mean to meet her either, it was a teacher that introduced us. See, I had nothing to do with this, or wanted anything to do with it — I had my eye on someone else. But picking up a dropped pencil or two and some completely random conversations, I began to see there was something different about her. I didn’t realize what I thought until freshman year, or rather the end of it.

Have you ever met someone that you just adore? Everything about them, whether it be perfect or not, is just so…right? No matter what they do, or how they act around you, you idolize them. They always look perfect too: how amazingly frustrating. The best part of this whole confusion thing, well not really the best, but best part of this paragraph, is that I’ve only ever known two people that can do this for me. One is the girl that I speak of, and the other is just a cool person I met in Pit. Yea.

Anyways, it seems everyone is finding their soul mate, or at least someone to go to homecoming with but me. The worst part is (or best part depending on who’s reading this — best meaning it has entertaining aspects) is that everyone knows who I would ask. Everyone knows: my family, all my friends, her relatives, and ever her relatives’ boyfriends. Why does everyone have a clue but me?

Minor Site Updates

I’ve finally become unlazy (yes that line again) and updated this site a bit.

Firstly, I fixed the feeds system (RSS, RSS2, Atom) so that you don’t have to stare at this ugly piece of junk to get some of my life into yours. Secondly, it’s the cool, geek-like thing to do. Heh.

Secondly, I’ve updated the comments page so it looks half-way presentable. This is to encourage people to actually leave comments, and to save myself from going insane.

Thirdly, and lastly, I’ve updated the permalink structure in this site to just give a more natural, google-bot-friendly scheme. It won’t effect you unless you’ve book-marked a certain page. Sorry for any inconvenience, but it just looks cooler.

That’s all for now. I might add some more color, spruce up the comment page, etc in a few days. When I get some time and feel extremely anti-social that is.

Today and DQ

Today was a large improvment over yesterday.

Sectionals sucked majorly. It was hot, and Jeff was a grouch. Had fun talking to Ian and Jocelyn though.

Went to DQ with my Dad after. I saw Audrey. I had a M&M Blizzard. It was good.

That is all.