Fantasie Impromptu

At a suggestion, I’ve decided to start this piece again. Wish me luck, it’s a mother to play.

Besides, I need some relaxing after that last post; recounting my day was almost as bad as living it.

Sick World

Today, I entered the world excited and pretty much looking forward to going to school. Getting back in the swing of things, you know? Meet up with my best friends, admire the smart people, and learn a little something. At least that’s what I hoped… I guess it’s what I get for being optimistic, but I still think it’s kind of sick, or maybe sad. My day was crap, period.

As I said, I was hoping to enjoy today, specifically, I was hoping for some fun in the morning with the PIT. Nope. You see, it’s not enough that I get yelled at on every exercise for playing to loudly, or to high, and when I fix that, I get yelled at for being too low. What’s more, is everyone seems to think it would be nice to just tell me I’m playing everything wrong. Not one thing or two, but everything. It was really bad, and quite embarrasing. Finally, I get Marimba 3 for Farandole. Mind you, this is usually something I can take, and take it well, but today, it was the last straw.

Computer Programming was actually not that bad. I asked for some work, I got some work, and I finished the work. It was fine, other than the fact that I didn’t get to turn it in. English was almost good, except for the fact that I had to run back to my locker to get a book that I didn’t even use (that was a waste.) German was plain boring and Frau is starting to get mean about this stupid honors thing. She also decided to threaten to dress-code my best friend in that class, which was a bit sad, especially since she wore the same shirt a lot last year without a word from anyone about it.) I’ve also decided that Frau just likes yelling. Lunch was actually pretty cool. I went with Dylan to get Pizza before I put my stuff down, so we decided to get sit with the Band Geeks. I love those people, they made my day that much better. Science was boring, as usual, but we got a video, so that’s cool. I guess. And finally, we come to the worst part of my day: math and a test. See, I was going just fine on 1 – 20, with a few little problems that I worked out, but once I get 21, boom, they instantly took a zillion minutes to finish. And thus, I had about three left to do when, at *five* minutes before the bell when our teacher stopped us. Naturally, I thought he was just going to give us more time to finish and grade what we had. However, when we asked about it, he refused to answer. How upsetting. I mean, if I wasn’t going to get more time, I’d at least have guessed.

So that was my day in a paragraph, excluding what’s going on now (I’m writing to you obviously.) I am a bit depressed, and as you read, I think this is quite a sick world.

Band, Chop Sticks, Chapstick, and Other Things in Life

Thursday night was incredible. I had so much fun, that if I told you, you’d never really believe me. In fact, I’d probably not believe myself, had I not been there.

And yet, despite everything I feel for that great time I had, I really can’t seem to put into words what I feel about it. Sure, I enjoy the laughing and immature jokes, but is that really it? Honestly, I don’t think that it really is, but what is hiding from me, is frustrating me. I can’t put my finger on what I loved so much about that night, and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. It certainly wasn’t my best performance of anything, let alone the new show. It really wasn’t Justin making witty jokes, or Jeff making some witty comment about Scott and his future family (on a side note, that is a funny topic.)

Have you ever been so impressed or awed by someone that you want to spend every waking moment with them? I know this sounds a little too much like Mr. R, but I think I’m just starting to get that from PIT, and the people in it. This is the first year I really feel part of it, I guess, so I’m starting to fit in, I guess? Enough guessing. Let’s assume that what I love so much are the people that play with me, the people that hang out together too early in the morning, and the people that all know who I am. I can’t get them out of my head. That’s it, I’m lost, I’m in the Band.

Friday was fine. Just fine, not overly fun, or terrible. I had a few good laughs in German with Kaitlyn and I enjoyed English… At lunch, I worked at Chop Sticks with Jocelyn — a memorable experience. I even know how to work the register now, I feel special. I also found out that you learn some interesting things by talking to people. I also found out that I’m now addicted to chapstick, partially because Kaitlyn made me listen to the song and partially because I’m using it too often. I also found I use ‘I also found’ too much.

On a more recent note, I saw Napoleon Dynamite today. It was really funny, and I pretty much enjoyed all of it. Sure, I heard a lot of it during PIT rehershal, but it was still pretty funny. Sure, it lacked plot, didn’t involve any blood, gore, or SciFi battles, and it was rated PG, however, overall it was worth the money, and the frantic drive over to AZ Mills to get in. (Psst. — if anyone knows why it wasn’t playing at Harkins at Chandler Fashion Center, comment away!)

Right now, it’s pretty late, and I am getting pretty sleepy. I dread tomorrow, and Monday. First off, I have to study for the first math test of the year, and second, on Monday, I have to take it. Damn.

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for listening to my humble waste of time.
Live Long and Prosper.