Firefox Will Get a New Theme

Just announced, Mozilla Firefox will be getting a new default theme. I’m not quite sure what to think at this point as I’m quite fond of the current theme, but as always, change can be good. 🙂

Mozilla Firefox: New Theme

Edit: I am told that this is a new theme. Sorry, but yuck. Pinstripe almost looks and matches OS X, but on Windows, I have to say no.

Especially in Linux, I don’t like it. Mind you, it’s partially my GTK theme (I generally don’t use GTK at all) but it just doesn’t match or “flow” with the system.

New Firefox Theme: Thumbnail

In other news, the project says Firefox 0.9 is nearing completion and may hit RC by Tuesday!

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  1. firefox sucks, its slower than firebird.

    michael ima need you to get my program from school next year cause i forgot to bring it home.

    System.out.println(“ahhhhhhhhhhhh the jon”);

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