Long Time

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. Well, I shudder to say it, but I’ve been away from my beloved computers for a while. However, it’s not my fault! I’m on vacation! Okay, that’s really no excuse, but before you get all upset, let me explain what exactly I have been doing.

It all started my last night here with a movie called Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Simply, it was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a very long time. It was full of wit, sarcasm (my personal favorite), and naughty puns and jokes. It also include ifs fair share of German jokes (in German, no less) and I fully appreciated them. My only gripe was the movie, the ending in-particular, was a once-you-see-it-it’s-old type of movie. Nevertheless, it was a great movie, and I’ll be sure to have it grace my shelves of other quasi-lovable movies. Yeah.

Next, was the 5 and halfish-hour flight to Washington D.C. We did look at a bunch of stuff there, but honestly, I was none-too impressed with our oh-so-popular nation’s capital. Upon arrival, I vaguely wondered whether or not I was in Iraq. The decor fit so well, I might have expected to end up hostage somewhere and become Bush’s latest tragedy in his plea to Christianity in a futile attempt to justify war, and in particular, this war. But alas, I was, indeed, in Washington D.C., home of the US, Freedom, and ironically, more concrete barriers than people. You’d expect to see a war zone in Iraq or the like countries, but in our own country, let alone our capital. But, despite me and my families polite, but incredulous stares and whispers, D.C. stands in it’s own bizarre, mutilated makeover.

Of course, we can all rattle about anything in this big web of thought and not utter one word of truth, but trust me on this: D.C. has looked better. Construction is generally a good thing, but there it was everywhere. For you see, they’re currently in the process of removing all public access to all public monuments and buildings that exist. Street after street disappeared before my eyes in a blaze of dust and spanish phrases. The white house, wasn’t quite as white as I expected it, but nevertheless, I was glad that Laura herself was inviting me in for visit. Not. It’s not like I paid for the house in taxes, but I’m sure some of my family contributed at least a small penny for it or other property in D.C. Shouldn’t the words of the Bush’s stand true (witty go at Bush here) and shouldn’t we be allowed to at least see what symbolizes us being Free? Apparently not, for I only saw a few of the monuments, a brief tour of the capital, and a bunch of really ugly grass (which made me upset me actually, Hollywood always made the grass look like it was alive, shouldn’t the big P be able to afford the same?)

It wasn’t all bad though. If one can get past the throat-clenching dust, ugly grass, and general rude atmosphere, there is still a bit to be seen and heard. I particularly enjoyed the Smithsonian (one of the few institutions in America I still feel proud of) and even Jefferson’s monument. It was fun and engaging to gaze at the many articles that had been preserved for me and my prosperity to goggle at — all of course, free of charge (they get you in the caf?┬ęs — conspiracy I tell you!) Jefferson’s monument was awe-inspiring. People often claim that he was one of the brightest minds to ever walk this blue gem. They were right. The entire dome is encircled with monolithic writings of his own that depict the ideals and nature of us, as humans, that can still be understood and compared to today. It was a true honor (or honour: I’m thinking of becoming British) to have been able to see that before it too is closed by our founding father’s “children.”

I did have a reasonable amount of fun even though my feet might not agree with you on that. The Subway was spiffy, and I’m glad Arizona is getting its LightRail — I can see the potential already! I did manage to pass through more metal detectors in in 6 days than I had previously done before in my entire life, and to my extreme pleasure, managed to anger a few of the guards there managing my suffering. I did also find out that just because a big place puts National in its name, doesn’t mean it’s any good. The National Aquarium, with it’s feeble 28 exhibits, managed to make my pool reasonably sea-like. I’m sure that it harbors more interesting and living (does it count if the animals are dead?) creatures than that place. The recounting of Lincoln’s death was not something I was looking forward to, but I did managed to enjoy the lecture at Ford’s Theater. I’ll end with a quote by me. “If you like War Zones and police with guns, visit D.C. If you prefer to visit someplace and learn something (and perhaps have fun) don’t go to D.C.” Lame quote, I know, it is, but it’s all I’ve got for such a crummy place.

And thus began the next journey in the prolonged vacation from 4311 (733t me captain.) We drove to Vestal, New York, for my cousin’s graduation. Yea. Too bad she doesn’t even know my name. I don’t really understand why my family even bothers to go to these things. They’re dumb, and quite pointless. Yes that’s childish of me, but I’m a child. Live with it. Being somewhat closely related to people generally implies that they might know your name. Unfortunately for me, no one seems to have told my favorite cousin that, and she magically seemed to have forgotten it. No matter, they don’t need to know me. I found solace in a sole book that I picked up really cheap at the book store that I thought might prove of some interest. Just for Fun is a witty narrative of the past, present and future of Linux and it’s God, Linus. Yes I realize that I may very well have offended half the population of the world, but it’s true, Linus is Linux’s God. After-all, who else can control their minions with such ease that he/she can create such an obsessive fan-base. I enjoyed that book, but you’ll have to wait for another posting when I conclude my summer-reading.

I was glad to be gone with that portion of the trip and I’m glad to be rid of this post. My fingers are hurting and my eyes are drooping as I pour myself out to you in cyberspace. Lucky me, more vacation to come, but this time, with some promise of being fun.

Interesting Read

A very interesting read for any developers out there. I’m particularry found of this quote: Paul Graham, who created Yahoo! Stores in the early days of the dotcom boom, summarized it eloquently: “There is all the more reason for startups to write Web-based software now, because writing desktop software has become a lot less fun. If you want to write desktop software now you do it on Microsoft’s terms, calling their APIs and working around their buggy OS. And if you manage to write something that takes off, you may find that you were merely doi ng market research for Microsoft.”