Just Bored

I don’t really know what to write, but I sorta think that I should…

I haven’t really been able to decide what I am going to do with all my stuff tomorrow. With no backpacks, I am severly limited to what I can bring. Perhaps I can transfer all my books and notes to my iBook and just take it. Who knows.

I just finished the massive-project-from-hell from the one and only Spadafore. It is just great… I have other homework, studying, and reading that I should be doing, but I am not. That’s great.

Quick look at the musical me – I hate it. Yes, I hate the musical me at the moment. Percussion is just plain terrible without some mallets. Drums are so boring. I did buy a bunch of new songs to feed my iPod with though. We’ll see how they work out tomorrow.

One full week left. Sad, but true.

One thought on “Just Bored”

  1. wow..a) i got hit by a car on this day.
    b) you’re a lot similar than who you were two years ago. I mean, you’re different(better different), but similar. If only i had known you then.

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