My Entertainment

Despite what people often say about summer, it can be very monotonous. Yes, you read correctly: the rebellious (:rolleyes:) teenager just said summer can be boring. How amusing.

To remedy this predicament, I arranged various activities for my amusement. Of course, I didn’t really do much planning, but I sure had fun! Wow — I do sound a bit “stuck-up” there. Oh well, my reviews will make up for that. 😉

It stated with a trip the Symphony. Don’t they all? Heh, not really, but it was an enjoyable experience nevertheless. I’ve also enjoyed Music and even though I never read any of the books, I throughly enjoyed all three LOTR movies. This blend of music and story telling was over the top. Even though the overall theme of the songs was repeated over and over, I couldn’t help but pay attention and move with the emotion of the songs. Great doesn’t quite describe that night. Exquisite, however, seems to fit just right.

My second try at fun occurred with my own kin (friends) much closer at home. The setting was Harkins (101, Chandler Blvd.) for a showing of Shrek 2. Read “2” not “two”… It bugs me too.

The film was funny, engaging, and almost what I’ve come to expect of the great, green ogre. But, not quite. I guess it might be too much ask for lightening to strike twice, but version two just lacked some of the originality and excitement that viewers got from one. As funny and interesting as it can be to meet your inlaws (actually, I’m just guessing here, see, I have no inlaw), for Shrek and I, the movie-goer, it’s more exciting to slay a fire-breathing dragon. Oh well. The movie was well balanced and quite jolly (dear Lord, I’ve become British) and I’m sure there is still enough Shrek for version three.

Just tonight, I saw *The Day After Tomorrow*! Did the bold help? I was trying to give what the film gives, because, honestly, that’s all you get. The special effects and magnificent views of an iced-over New York are moving and gorgeous. But, as I said, that’s all that’s there. The film lacked any sort of tangible human effect that I, at least, could relate to. The film starts off well enough, promising to be a something spectacular, but just after the first disaster strikes, you loose interest and watch the pretty things fly off the screen. The peril of the story concludes by cutting back and forth between Sam and his friends (whom are stuck in a library), and Jack — who is fighting Arctic conditions on his way north to save his son. Most of the rest of the nation is being evacuated to Mexico, ironically, and wether intentionally or not, the writers got a laugh out of the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good movie and I do hope that it will grace my DVD collection, but I’m not sure it’s worth the rating some give it. Sure, there were a few points were I wished I could be like Sam and have an adventure of my own with my friends and just maybe meet that special girl. However, the minute I heard “There *is* survivors” I tuned out and watched the pruty things fly by.

That’s me for now. My state of entertainment will continue, or so I am told. Surprise vacation tomorrow — wish me luck!

New Layout/Design

I’ve got lots to post but so little time. You’ll all get more about this (and a few other subjects) when I get back from Shrek 2!