Theme of Things

Ho’kay. Here’s the deal. I just watched that video and it’s pretty cool. I found it amusing six months ago, and I still do. Yes, I am boring, get over it.

Ironically, it fit my personality today really well. The whole pessimistic, anti-government, burn the civilized world down really appeals to me in general, but today, it just worked for everything I did and everyone I was.. I’ve felt like saying some of the key phrases from that (the video) all day.

Today was not so great. Well, it hasn’t been great for a while (IE, school sucks) but I sorta, semi-expected that from this time of year. All the teachers are bitchin’ about us getting that “senioritis.” What the hell? I’m not even a senior.

Anyways, it went well until science. Granted, my teacher is horrible and 99.9% of the time we all hate him, but it was bad today. We had about three and half minutes to take the test which was about 20 questions long. Needless to say, I didn’t do too well. Which is just plain bad. I could have stayed after to finish, but I would have been late for pit rehearsal/tryouts.

Incidentally, tryouts were the only good thing that happened to me all day. My one chance at fun, I suppose… Justin is officially (as if he wasn’t before >_<) retarded, Jeff still scares me, and everyone is still who I remember them being. It was great to get back playing with people who can actually play it. My scales have slowed down, though, and my left hand is too low. Oh well. On a great side note, I've switched back to a simpler theme for my blog. No images and very little JavaScript. Just plain CSS and (x)HTML. It (the source) now validates too - makes things faster in KHTML (Safari, Konqueror) and Gecko (Mozilla, Firefox.) I'm not sure if it will stay for long, but it suits me right now. That's my day.

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  1. i like your paragraph about pit try-outs..its entertaining.
    and Matt became obsessed with that movie. which is funny.

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